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Black + white Camera by Haiwen Soft,Inc,1 mo ago

$2.99. Don’t save photos


you can't even take videos WASTE OF MONEY

Wasted money!

Don't buy it! Literally just turns color photos to b&w with no option for adjustment. Not worth the money since soooo many other apps are so much more flexible. This app does nothing!

Does what it needs to do

There are more expensive apps and programs I could choose to work with bw pictures. It does what it does for the price, no complaints

Biggest scam

Don't wast your money

Not good

No B/W preview provided


Is that it-should be free- no after shot processing options....

Nice, nice!!!!

:) it works!

Great app!!!

I couldn't be happier with this app. Worth the money.


Everyone is to greedy, I think its great.

works good!

app works like expected.

5 star!

Easy to use, you guy do a great job. Thanks.


I just downloaded this. It's really easy to use. I don't mind paying for a good app, however, there should be a way to delete a pic from photo album. Now stuck with crummy pics...


But if you take a bad picture u can't delete


Great app! Must have

I like it!

This APP is a solid value.


Thanks for the update. Works as stated.

This is really good.

I'm an experienced photographer, and I can highly recommend this app.

Very good

Nice app. Very intuitive.

Should have read the - reviews

Should have read the negative reviews; when will I learn? 1) Takes and shows you a color photo, turns it into B&W. 2) There is no zoom! 3) Very lame! 4) The positive reviews are not written by real users!!!!! Don't buy this application, the positive reviews are a lie!

No preview

Argh...takes photos in color, then you can CONVERT them to black and white. No good!


Straight up desaturate. No B & W preview. No postprocessing controls.

Very nice app!

Does a great job with tones and shading. Exactly as described.

Worth it! ampota sulit to!

Always check reviews before buying any apps! Checked this app's review, downloaded it, loved it! Worth every cent!


It is a rubbish app, there are more other app better than this! I want my money back!!!

Great app!

A must have!

Worth the money!!!!

Simply is gooooooooooodddd..... Worth the .99

Excellent for 3G

I'm very happy with the measly 99¢ I spent on this app, it's very well done.

Essential Tool for Every iPhone

This is worth more than $1.

Worth the dollar!!

This is one of the best apps ever! Does so much for so little money! And it actually works! Definitely a must have!

very good.

thanks for the goodness.

An App I Needed!!!!

Love it!!!

Nice but..

It would be nice to have an option to undo any changes or duplicate the original photo in the photo album so that there would be both a color and B&W image. Otherwise the app is great. The images aren't distorted as ive seen with other photo apps. Worth paying for.

Very Useful

Simple and easy to use. Good job!

Very cool App

What a cool idea. The moment I saw it, I downloaded it. Works exactly as promised. Good price. I'll be showing this off.

Great app

This a great app. It work like it says.


I can't get over how well thiis works! I figured, 99cents, whw not! Well worth it!

Awesome app

Awesome app worth every penny! A tool must have for your camera!

Only ok

Does what it says, but results are unimpressive. Waste of money if you have Camerabag, which dies all this and more with more options and better results. It's ok if you have nothing else though, but only ok.



Love it!!

One of the best apps I've gotten!!

Freaking Great!!!!!

Works Great!!! Looks Great!!! Thanks for the app!!!

Great app

Def worth the money


Works perfect. Keep the updates coming.

I LOVE IT!!!!!

Takes great pics!!!!

Works Great...

I would say it is a good app that does what it is supposed to do.

Great ap

I read some of the negative reviews and all I have to say is that this ap is awesome. If they can't delete a photo they have to go to their album to do so. I had no problems deleting or saving, the photos I took are incredible


Works great! Love it. Really, really cool.

Retro now!

This app is very easy to use even for a non-technical person and it is a lot of fun. You can either take a b/w photo or turn a color photo on your iPhone into a b/w photo in 2 or 3 seconds. I don't know why black and white photos look so sophisticated and artsy - but so it is. I had a blast emailing my b/w photos to all my friends from my iPhone. They are probably wondering about my sanity at this point - but it is SO MUCH FUN!

Great :))))))))))

Worth a $. Pix look really great. I love black&white pix & now I have it. Thx :)

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